Critical SAT Writing Techniques for Interpreting Texts Using Informational Graphics

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It is important to know that the SAT for writing contains tests that require you to be proficient in understanding the information in a graphic. These may be tables, charts or graphs, and you should be able to comprehend the information in these formats.

The following images will provide a rough idea of what to expect.

Each graphic will be accompanied by a text. There will be questions that require students to review the text in the graphic, identify connections between the passage and the graphic as well as discover proof in the text to support information contained in the graphic. discover information in the graphic that supports the claim of the passage and then make a decision regarding the graph’s significance.

The majority of questions that are related to SAT Exams passages are formatted as follows:

  1. Select a solution.
    1. NO CHANGE
    2. ______
    3. ______
    4. ______

Graphical questions are particular. You’ll be looking directly at the text and its surrounding contexts to decide when you are tasked with editing and identifying improvements in the presentation of ideas, the command of evidence, word selection, punctuation, word choice, as well as sentence construction.

In graphing You must make use of the information from the text as well as the graph to improve and edit the quality of your writing.

Certain questions ask, which picture suggest?

  • Example: Which option is the most accurate representation of the graph’s information most precisely?

Others may ask for you to look at the graphic, and respond, Does the graphic match it? or does the text work with it?

  • Example According to the chart, how does measure for something] shift or remain the same throughout time, and which assertion in the passage supports this claim?

You might also find questions that ask you to look at the image and respond, Does the image provide proof that supports the claims of the author?

  • Example: The writer wants to complete a sentence by adding details that support the main idea of the paragraph. Which of the following options most effectively fills in the paragraph with data that is based on the following table?

Pay attention to the finer details when studying a graph. Be sure to be aware of the measurement units as well as the information in the key or legend. It is also important to be aware of the meaning of each axis.

In answering questions that require knowledge of both the passage and the graphic Be sure to take note of specifics that are present in both versions. Take a look at the place that you are attempting to identify, and make sure that the data in the graphic is pertinent to the claims of the passage and the information about context.

While you get ready to take the SAT Writing test, particularly SAT Writing passages, practice the work you have done is essential. If you’re new to analyzing data graphs, be certain to become familiar with the various types of graphs, tables and charts you’ll encounter during the SAT test. SAT Prep Course contains hundreds of questions for practice which are comparable in terms of style and difficulty. They are similar to those on the actual SAT test.

Take time to study these questions and make use of the tools for performance analysis as well as the explanations, which are also provided in the course for preparation. Use these tools for tracking performance to discover the sections, subsections and questions to improve the most.

You can utilize the explanations of answers to make a note of your mistakes. You can try it to improve your score in this type!


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