Traffic Optimization Strategies – Content based Ad Traffic

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Traffic Optimization Strategies – Content based Ad Traffic

With this form of traffic conversion, you drive traffic to your content site. Once there, they can see ad graphics or they can see text links. When they click, they see the affiliate offer that you are promoting. Pretty straightforward. It doesn’t matter whether they click on a picture or a link, they end up at the offer.


When you’re using content, you have to be proactive in customizing your content so it converts your traffic at the highest levels. Here are just three that are great at pulling traffic from the internet and also converting them.


Clickbait Using Scam or Fraud Alerts

People don’t like to be ripped off.


Accordingly, when people hear about a hot, new program or a hot, new product, they want to know if that offer is trustworthy. Many would enter the name of the product and the word “fraud,” “scam,” or “review” at the end.


Because people who enter that information are usually interested in buying, but they just want more information so they can decide whether to go through with their decision or not. When you create specialized content that appeals to those people, you may not get as much traffic, but the traffic you get will be highly qualified.


Even if you are not selling the particular offer they are researching, you can offer content that gives them information, and then directs them to the offer that you are promoting. This operates on a bait and switch type of model, but using credible content. Never underestimate the power of fear.


Clickbait for Social Media Promoted Blog Posts

Use text-heavy header graphics which grab attention. The title of your posts must get people to click through.



Find a tight correlation between late breaking high interest news and your niche.


You can get quite a bit of traffic with this method, especially from news websites and social media.


Your content ads must be news specific as well.


Email List Marketing

You have to use the variation, testing, winner selection and variation technique I’ve mentioned ​. You’re going to have to use it across the board.


When you do email list marketing, you actually need to optimize five things: your freebie, your squeeze page, the headlines of the emails you send out, their content body, and your call to action. You might also want to optimize the offers you promote in your emails.


Review Content Optimization

Run trial and error testing for your title. Come up with many different variations, pick the winner, come up with more variations, until you get a lot of people reading or dwelling on your content.


Your metric for success here involves click-throughs as well as dwell time.


Next, optimize the format of your review content. Pay attention to how you’ve set it up, and then come up with different versions of how your review is set up. Maybe review different products. See if this format change has an impact on ad click-throughs as well as ad conversions.


Once you have a clear understanding of which format work, use that format for your whole site and see if that improves conversions all around. Keep making variations until you find one that works at a predictable rate.


Video Content Optimization

To optimize the video content, you have to target as many different keywords that are related to your niche.


There are many software packages out there that enable you to create custom videos quickly and cheaply. You basically feed this video certain pieces of content, and then you can switch different elements like you voice overs, sound effects and graphics.


The videos are still talking roughly about the same subject, but there are enough changes in the video for YouTube to not ban it.


Avoid uploading the same video over and over again to YouTube with different keyword targets because you’re spamming that keyword. Your account might get banned and you’re not going to make any money.


Target as many different keywords for your niche using videos and see which ones get the most views. Once you have identified keywords that get the most views or the most traffic, come up with better videos for them.


Next, you’re going to use different titles and descriptions for your video and see if this increases click-through view rates as well as click-through rates on your link.


Make sure to stick to videos that send traffic which actually converts.

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