A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Finance

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Internet finance is an important part of China’s finance. Only China has it in the world. Even the United States and the United Kingdom, which have developed Internet and finance, do not have Internet finance.

Mobile payment is indeed very convenient. You don’t have to go to the bank counter to withdraw money and transfer money. You can operate it online on the computer and scan the code with your mobile phone, which improves financial efficiency. However, Internet finance does not have the core function of financial enterprise investment, which is “risk prevention.” In the end, 5,000 P2P companies all went bankrupt. It took us three years to solve the problems of more than 5,000 P2P companies, but 800 billion of the money cannot be recovered. In fact, Evergrande Wealth is also P2P. The essence of the problem Because it cannot prevent risks.

However, some people still want to continue to unleash the investment function of Internet finance, so some platform companies apply to be listed, and emphasize that their finance is financial technology, packaging Internet finance as financial technology, and as technology companies, they want to be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

As a result, a high degree of vigilance was aroused. Ant terminated its listing and JD.com withdrew its application.

Why? Because we found that the risk of this problem is too great. Their listing will indeed enrich some people, but in the end it may cause disaster for more people.

So they were asked to answer six questions: Save with NHS Discount Voucher

(1) You must answer whether you are in the financial or technology field

Finance is finance, and technology is technology. They are two different things. Finance’s use of technology is not technology, it is still finance. You cannot package finance’s use of technology into a technology company. These are two different things.

Because financial companies are listed at 3-5 times, technology companies are listed at 100 times, and the stock price is sixty or seventy. You say that I am a financial technology, this statement is false, you are finance, not technology. If it is Internet technology, it is not called innovation, but general technology.

Technological innovation is hardware innovation, that is, integrated circuits, semiconductors, and chips. APP does not belong to financial technology innovation. It is application innovation and is not called technological innovation. After a long discussion, you are in finance, and you are not a technological innovation company, so you cannot be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. We admit that you have used technology, but you are in finance, not technology, and not technological innovation, so you cannot be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. The use of technology in finance cannot be called technology, the essence is still finance.

(2) If it is finance, it must meet the capital adequacy ratio requirement of 30%

As a result, you are 1%. This is not a question of whether you can be listed on the stock market, but a question of rectification.

(3) Which kind of finance are you in? Is it inclusive finance, market finance or loan sharking?

These three types can exist in China, but the legal protection procedures are different. Report your loan interest rate. Some companies report a loan interest rate that is even higher than a loan shark. You have to figure out what kind of rectification is required. If you apply for inclusive finance, the interest rate is usurious. Sorry, you are not inclusive finance.

(4) If it is finance, is it a consumer loan or a business loan?

They are not the same thing. Consumer loans are personal loans, and personal loans are a regional market, not a national market.

(5) Financial enterprises must have a system design to prevent risks

Finance has this rule. To prevent risks, you need to have relevant system designs. The system design of banks requires credit guarantees and asset mortgages. The most important thing for banks to prevent risks is asset mortgages.

Which one are you? For example, if you have credit, okay, what kind of credit? Is it past credit or future credit? In the past, credit did not explain the problem, because someone owed you money, and if you paid it back in the past, you may not pay it back now. It must be future credit. Future credit loans require detailed information. A series of information can prove whether you have credit, such as what industry the loan company is engaged in, how much profit it has made over the years, how much profit it has made, and how its assets are. Buyers also shop at new Teacher Discount Code

You want campus loans. When we discover the problem, there are 60 billion campus loans that cannot be repaid on time. As a result, they are all college students. Are they going to be arrested or listed as old people? Finally passed it on to the bank? How can that be done? ! You must establish a strict risk prevention system design, so campus loans and Meili loans are cancelled. You are very risky and you should not spend such a high amount of money. If you cannot pay back the money in the end, the risk belongs to the bank. This will not work. , so this is not a listing issue, but a rectification issue.

(6) According to legal provisions, finance must be subject to supervision

Including financial businesses, financial infrastructure, and financial institutions must be supervised

For example, Alipay is financial infrastructure, and APP is financial infrastructure. They must be supervised, and it is collusive supervision. You can’t accuse me, you are an investment company, I’m sorry, who is the natural person and who is the actual controller? Clearly explain it. Handing over a natural person cannot mean that I am a certain investment company. Capital has actual controllers,

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