Technostress; Navigating Digital Maze and Ways to Manage It

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Technology is growing at a rapid speed. Demanding you to cope with it at the same vigorous pace. Probably our parents would be the last generation who are seemingly less acquainted with the growing technology and the advancements made over time. 

The future is all about technology, if we just take a glance at things, then we can say nothing but nod our heads in gratitude for how things have transformed. But when we analyze the blessings of technology then we can not overlook the fact that it has given birth to technostress as well. 

Have you ever heard of that term before? If not then do not fret about it, the anguish that you might feel is already an issue that many have been facing. 

What is Technostress? 

The term technostress was first introduced in Craig Brod’s book in 1984, which goes by the title “Technostress; The Human Cost of Computer Revolution”, in this book he shed light and gave us the notion of the inability of a human to cope with the growing technology which becomes a source of distress. 


Fascinating fact, isn’t it? This concept is something that we all can somehow resonate with. It is the kind of feeling, where you are wrapped by technology but despite feeling empowered, you are just feeling incredibly down. 

The bittersweet love-hate relationship with technology, your phones, and your laptops, that on one hand, they enable you with never-ceasing possibilities, while on the other, this becomes the very cause of your anguish and depression. 

How is Technostress Manifested? 

Technostress could be easily formed and triggered, without you having a clue of it that you are suffering from it. Let’s take a common example, you woke up in the morning and the very first ritual, checking up your phones! You catch all the notifications, as soon as you open your eyes, and suddenly you are flooded with tons of them and they begin to make you feel overwhelmed. 

You subscribed to multiple streaming platforms because you fear not missing out on any content. You even used gizmos to bag YouTube TV in Mexico or Hulu in other regions. The struggle to acquire them could be a painstaking job, but you did it anyway! Then you commence with the perpetual marathon of streaming, that ultimately damages your mental health.  

Technostress can heavily impact the employees as well. Because companies are evolving at a wild rate, demanding their workers to be efficient enough to embrace all the new technology, this thing particularly is the reason for stress among 70% of employees. The pressure that is built could have aggravated effects on the well-being of workers. 

Types of Technostress 

Technostress is classified into a few types so that you can identify yours effortlessly and take certain measures to curb it. 


It refers to the constant stream of information, notifications, or news pouring down on your head via your mobile or laptop screens resulting in making you feel swamped. 


Employees can resonate with this as it refers to the constant need to stay connected and alert due to work pressure. The requirement to respond swiftly and stay online could be a source of stress as well. 


This is the pressure on the employees to cope and adopt a certain technology that they find confusing, thus they eventually get caught in the trap of fear of technology and it takes a toll on their productivity. 

How to Curb Technostress 

To hold back the negative impact of Technostress, you can begin practicing these simple actions. 

Set Boundaries 

The first and foremost thing to do is to set clear boundaries and stick with them. Give yourself a digital break and make sure you do not reach for your phone in that particular designated time, free from the devices! 

Practice Mindfulness 

It is high time to engage in activities that bring you joy and pleasure, and make you forget about the stuff that radiates nothing but stress! You can treat yourself to a good meal, either prepare it yourself or go out for lunch or dinner, do painting or any craft work. Gardening or decorating your home is also a suitable option to consider. 

Seek Support 

If the technology becomes overwhelming for you and it begins to drastically affect your well-being then do not hesitate to ask for help, you can ask for aid at your workspace as well as try pouring out your issues with your loved ones. 

Wrapping Up 

Technostress is nothing to be embarrassed of, this is a real phenomenon and many are suffering silently from the fear of technology. Therefore, be vocal about your concerns and seek the necessary help. 


Technology is supposed to be your friend, not your foe, implying a practical balance between the use of it and thriving in both, personal and professional life. Enjoy your day by streaming amazing content on YouTube TV.



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