Unique Educational Gifts For Valentine’s Day – 14 Best Ideas

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Frosty weather is officially in swing, however, everyone’s hearts are getting a bit warmer as Valentine’s Day is getting closer with each passing day. 

You might have everything sorted out to surprise your boo on February 14th, but what about your kids? Come on now! Valentine’s is not only about your romantic partner – it is also the perfect holiday to show your Binary Brainiacs (grandchildren, nephews, nieces, siblings, etc.) how much they mean to you. 

Turns out you can impress your sweetheart with a bunch of flowers and jewellery, but hunting down the present for your little bookworms is a lot more intimidating. 

Now they won’t appreciate a steak dinner and a long drive – who knew?

So, to put an end to your misery, we have made a perfect list of unique educational gifts for Valentine’s Day for your little geeks. 

From vibrant wish bracelets and cuddly Care Bears to festive Lego kits and Squishmallows, we have included everything. Trust us! These gift ideas are as sweet as sugar (even better because they don’t contain any). 

So, to make your tot’s day more special, let us get started!  


Educational Gift Ideas for Kids to Make Them Feel Extra Loved

Flipbook Kits

Your creative-minded kid will totally cherish these tiny fun flipbooks where they can create their own mini-movies. Pair this unique Valentine’s Day special gift with some non-toxic markers and see your child’s face light up with utter joy! Moreover, if your quick-witted child is hunting for jobs, you can also relieve some of their burdens by hiring a personal statement writing service for them.  


Lego Chain Reactions Science And Building Kit

Ooh! Speaking of educational gift ideas how can we skip the “Lego chain reactions science and building kit” behind? It is surely an ideal gift for the creative builder in your family. This kit is the perfect blend of engineering and science! 


DIY Puffy Charms Craft Kit

Allow your geeks to be as creative as they can get by gifting them a “DIY Puffy Charms Craft Kit.” This easy-to-use kit can be used to embellish a lot of things. All your genius has to do is stick two puffy stickers together to make a charm. Et voila! They can conveniently use these freshly made charms on their pencils, bracelets, shoes, notebooks, etc. 


Valentine-Themed Jewelry Making Kit

Assist your egghead to make friendship bracelets that spread kindness and love to their group of friends by getting them a Valentine-themed jewellery-making kit. These kits usually come with pink and red hearts and an array of vibrant lovey-dovey beads. 


Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen – The pen used by astronauts! This versatile pen is able to write in extreme temperatures, at any angle, and even underwater. There is more! This breathtaking pen is able to write at zero gravity, too. Isn’t that amazing? It makes a perfect gift for anyone who is completely fascinated by the space. 


Lego Lovebirds

Why don’t you gift your Lego-obsessed rocket scientist a complete Lego Lovebirds set that comes with a heart-shaped balloon and miniature hearts right at their feet? You can pair this V-Day-themed building set with some treats. In this way, they will have something to keep themselves engaged even during their sugar rush. 


Kids Learning Tower

A kid leaning tower is the perfect V-Day present for the curious little ones. This height-adjustable step stool will allow your tiny tots to get to a counter height easily. In this way, they will be able to cook, learn, and sing, with their Mom and Dad. 


Kawaii Card Game

Do you wish to get to know your little loves a lot better? If yes, then this Valentine’s Day presents them with the adorable game of Kawaii. It comes with all types of ice cream flavours and shapes cards, designed to assist observation and build speed. 


Dog Squishmallow

If your child is still stuck in their sweet Squishmallow phase, then gift them a Valentine’s version of Squishmallow. That is right! A dog named Tickles, accessorized with tiny hearts, will undoubtedly add to their never-ending collection.  


Funko Pop! “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” 10″ The Child

If Baby Yoda is on your nerd’s list of loves, then a giant 10-inch Funko Pop of this cute tiny green guy would be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your baby. 


Sweetheart Kids Bracelets

A set of colourful bracelets will surely make the day for your child who wears their heart on their sleeves. With these bracelets, they can wear their hearts on their wrists! Perfect! 


Care Bears Love-A-Lot Bear Plush

Summoning all “‘80s lovers!” Is there any better way to show your tiny Valentines some love than presenting them the sweet Love-A-Lot Bear (a lovely Valentine version of Care Bears’)? Nothing! It is a perfectly nostalgic gift for your child! Psst! You can also make their day if you buy a personal statement online and present it to them with this bear. It will instantly melt their hearts!


KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Scared of going bankrupt by spending on new tech for your tech wizard? Well, you can always get them a KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, which is specifically made for kids. This smartwatch will help your kid learn to tell time accurately. Moreover, it will also take videos and pictures. The best part? It also comes with games that motivate physical activity. 


Echo Dot (5th Gen)

If your kid is already a tech fanatic, then they will be head over heels for a new Echo Dot (5th Gen). It allows them to get help with homework, play music, and a lot more. It is designed specifically for kids and comes with parental controls, too. Perfect! 


What are the most widely given Valentine’s Day gifts?

Spoiling your significant other can be different to every couple. However, buying chocolates, getting flowers, and plush animals are some of the best and most popular Valentine’s Day presents. A scented candle and a romantic dinner are other breath-taking options. 


What is Valentine’s Day for students?

For students, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that people celebrate on the 14th of February. On this holiday, people meet their loved ones, family members, close friends, classmates, etc. and send them presents and cards. Students also share candy, flowers, and other gifts with one another.


What should I give my students for Valentine’s Day? 

You can give your students chocolate roses, heart-shaped lollipops, gummy bears, etc., for a touch of love and encouragement. 


Why you should buy a Valentine’s Day gift?

Buying a Valentine’s Day present or not is totally one’s own call. It is highly a matter of individual circumstances and personal opinion. However, a lot of people see this day as an opportunity to showcase their affection and love through well-thought-out gifts. 


Summing It All Up!

Your intellectual kid would definitely love getting a gift from you on Valentine’s Day. And, we agree that it is easier to get stressed while picking out the right gift for your young one. But we suggest you keep your cool on. By reading the Valentine’s Day gift ideas we mentioned above, did you find something your tech genius will treasure? We bet you did! So, snatch it up right now and make your little loves feel loved on this holiday. Oh, and don’t forget to decorate your house to celebrate this day to the fullest.

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