How to Use Burdock Oil for Horses and Its Benefits

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To raise healthy pets, nutrition and care are very important, and for larger animals like horses, you wouldn’t want to lose them easily.

Maintaining horses’ skin and fur can help to prevent many diseases caused by pathogens and parasites.

One of the essential oils you should have for horse care is burdock oil, which is awesome for horses and other animals.

Burdock oil is a fantastic natural remedy for keeping your horse happy and healthy, and it’s good for other animals too.


What’s Burdock Oil and How is it Processed?

Burdock oil is extracted from the roots of the burdock plant.

The burdock root is the most useful part of the plant, hence, the plant is usually grown for the roots, according to Farmpally Mag.

Once the roots are harvested, they should be washed properly and dried naturally.

To make grinding easy, you can cut in bits. You can even do this before you wash and dry.

You can then crush it with the appropriate machine, add it to any essential oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil, and start using it on your horse after a couple of days.

If you don’t want to grind it, you can just soak the roots already chopped in smaller sizes in your oil, and soak for a couple of weeks before use, Chaktty advised.

This enables the oil to absorb the beneficial properties of the burdock root. 


How to use burdock oil for horses?

Burdock Root Oil is used externally on animals, and to use it is easy, just rub the oil through the fur to the skin of the animal.

Before you apply burdock oil, you should wash your horse or the area of the intended application.

After that, massage a small amount of burdock oil onto the skin or coat, focusing on any areas that need extra attention. 

You can also mix a little burdock oil into their food if they’re okay with it, or recommended by a pet doctor.

Benefits of burdock oil on horses and other animals

It improves their Skin and Coat

Burdock oil is great for keeping your horse’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. It helps to moisturize dry skin and can relieve itching and irritation.

During general grooming, it is applied to horse races or body brush and pulled well through the fur.

So, the skin gets a beautiful shiny appearance. Just for competition riders and exhibitions, this is also one reason why horse owners like to buy burdock.

It helps horse hair growth

Burdock is also used for the maintenance of the mane and tail.

Applied to the mane comb, it helps to stimulate hair growth.

Joint Health

According to healthpally, burdock oil helps to support healthy joints in horses.

Passionate riders appreciate the oil as a versatile tool.

Scuff marks

Scuff marks on the horse’s back, stemming from the saddle, can be rubbed with burdock oil as well as brittle and cracked hooves.

Insect Repellent

Burdock oil has a strong smell that some insects don’t like, so using it on your horse may help to repel flies and other pests.

Wound Healing

Burdock oil has been used for centuries to help heal wounds in both humans and animals. 

It has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to speed up the healing process.

With problems with the tail beet, burdock is also effective, and with good application on the tail, it alleviates itching.

It acts against the stitches as well as itching, which suggests the worm infestation and the oil can serve as a first measure for relief.

If you apply it regularly to the edge of the Crown, it acts preventively as also healing

The condition of many animals has improved so markedly. 

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