Post-Surgery Recovery – How Does Physiotherapy Help

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Anyone undergoing a complex surgery finds it difficult to deal with the physical and emotional distress that comes along. The most distressing moment is perhaps the post-surgery recovery period, which takes a huge toll on the patient’s mental health.

Many think that post-surgery recovery is a prolonged and painful process. However, along with proper rest and medications, seeking physiotherapy in Kelowna can positively influence your recovery, and help you regain your lost strength.

That brings us to the question “Is physiotherapy a necessary post-surgical rehab program?” And in most cases, the answer is yes! Physiotherapy contributes majorly to your post-surgery recovery process and this blog discusses the reasons behind it.

Benefits of Seeking Physiotherapy Sessions Post Surgery

Following are some of the many benefits that physiotherapy sessions can bring about after a surgery-

  • Helps Regain Mobility

Whether it’s a major surgery, or a minor one, your muscles become weak post the procedure. As a result, issues like stiffness and restricted movement arise, affecting your overall mobility.

The best physiotherapists in Kelowna can tailor their exercise regime, and come up with a range of movements that will help enhance your flexibility. These exercises involve a lot of stretches and movement of the stiffened areas. Continuing this process will enable you to recover from your stiffness effectively, and you may attain your pre-surgery mobility very soon.

  • Helps Prevent Post-Surgery Complications

If you are recovering from any kind of surgery, staying inactive for a prolonged period might increase the risks of contracting blood clots, infections, or other complications.

Physiotherapy sessions help you remain active through the specially-designed exercise programs. These structured movements help enhance blood circulation throughout your body, thereby preventing post-surgical complications from creeping up. Hence, you recover quickly without being afraid of post-surgical complications!

  • Helps Manage Pain And Inflammation

Pain and inflammation are two of the most common effects of surgery that a patient experiences post procedure. Seeking physiotherapy is said to effectively reduce inflammation and pain by several notches.

How? Well, physiotherapists in Kelowna are trained professionals and might make use of shockwave therapy to reduce pain and inflammation in an instant. Other than that, they also advise you with exercises that target the area of pain and help in natural blood circulation, thereby reducing pain and inflammation significantly.

  • Promotes Quick Recovery

Why do you think that an extensive number of individuals seek physiotherapy sessions as a part of their post-recovery rehab program? That’s because the structural movements help promote fast recovery!

As mentioned earlier, physiotherapy involves a set of movements that targets specific muscle groups and helps enhance strength, mobility, and flexibility. That translates to faster tissue recovery due to increased blood flow, which ultimately results in speeding up the healing process!

  • Helps Manage Scar Tissues

The formation of scar tissues is your body’s natural way of healing the wounds contracted during the surgery. Although it is important for the healing process, excess scar tissue formation can put limits on your flexibility.

Professional Kelowna physios at Valeo Health Clinic make use of techniques like scar massages or ultrasound therapies to soften and reduce scar tissues, thereby helping you to achieve your pre-surgery mobility effectively!

  • Helps Recover Muscle Strength

After a major surgery, you are advised by the doctor to stay at rest. Although this is helpful for the recovery process, your muscles tend to grow weak due to lack of activity.

Opting for physiotherapy sessions in Kelowna walk-in clinics helps rebuild your muscle strength optimally. The specially designed workout plans involve muscle movement in different ranges of motion, thereby allowing your body to rebuild its strength and stamina.

How Does Surgery-Type Affect Physiotherapy Regimes?

Many of you might think that physiotherapy is only required after orthopedic surgeries to help a patient regain his/ her mobility. However, that’s far from the truth!

While physiotherapy programs for orthopedic surgeries would be radically different, people having abdominal surgeries would be prescribed different exercises that strengthen their core muscles.

Similarly, people who have undergone cardiac surgeries would be prescribed breathing exercises by physiotherapists to regain control over their cardiovascular muscles.

Hence, the type of surgery you go through will determine what kind of physiotherapy regime will suit you the best.

To Conclude

So, is physiotherapy necessary for post-surgical recovery? Owing to the massive benefits it offers, along with accelerating the healing process, its contribution towards the post-surgery recovery period remains truly undeniable.

So, no matter how minor or major a surgery you’ve undergone, seeking physiotherapy has numerous benefits that can help you recover completely.

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