Face Massage Roller & 6 Cool Hacks to Sleep Like A Baby

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Are you feeling fatigued while at work? Today, that face massage roller you skipped buying the other day, would have really helped no?! If you are feeling drowsy all day, it’s probably because your sleep cycle is disrupted. Our patterns are all jumbled up due to mindless browsing, college papers, and work schedules, yet it is critical to maintain a normal and healthy sleep schedule for good health and no dark circles. Before you try out melatonin supplements, make sure you give some simpler solutions a shot. This blog will help you with 9 techniques to help you achieve some soothing beauty sleep!

Deep Diving Into Sleep Cycles

Sleep has 2 stages: Non-Rapid Eye Movement (called as NREM) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep. NREM consists of three stages: light sleep, slightly deeper sleep, and deep sleep. Deep sleep is also referred to as slow wave sleep. So, while you are in NREM state, your body repairs tissues and strengthens your defensive system. Rapid eye movements, vivid dreams, and enhanced brain activity are the distinguishing characteristics of REM sleep. REM sleep controls emotions, memory, and learning. As the night progresses, we experience more REM sleep and less NREM sleep.

Let’s look at some sleep enhancing tips now:

1 – Regulate:

Even on weekends, you can sleep and wake up simultaneously. Do not disrupt this pattern, even on vacation, so that it becomes a habit and your body adjusts to it.

2 – Just Chill: 

Prepare for sleep by engaging in happy activities. This is different for everyone, but try not to overstimulate your brain. Simply read a book, listen to relaxing music, etc. Get some revitalizing face massage roller therapy or Gua sha shaping! This can relax your facial muscles and allow you to reach a tranquil state! If your sleep pattern is messed up because you are a new parent juggling between your baby’s tantrums, baby diapers, baby products and preparing food for your family – you definitely need to RELAX! Take a break from parenting and let your partner take charge of the day. 

3 – A Comfortable Sleep Environment:

Make sure that your mattress and pillows are comfortable so you don’t wake up with a bad neck or a sore back! And your room should be dark, cool, and quiet!

4 –  Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol: 

Avoid drinking too much before bedtime. Avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or coffee. Regulate your intake and watch as your sleep improves naturally!

5 – Meditate:

Practice meditation to improve sleep quality by reducing worried thoughts. Meditation can help relieve tension. New parents, for once, don’t be stressed about your baby. Take a break. Think that if you give yourself this self-love time, then you can take care of your baby better. Don’t worry, you will find the best baby diapers and baby products for your child, just give yourself this time. You need it.

6 – Diet: 

Avoid junk food meals, especially pizzas and burgers! Drink something light and restrict fluids at night. Include extra nutritional foods in your diet, such as biotin and zinc, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and D. These nutrients help to improve your metabolism, immunity, and skin shine. You can get many nutrients from beauty gummies or Biotin gummies, which effectively provide you with these nutrients in a tasty way – they may be strawberry or other flavors, but they all taste good! You only have to pop them, chew them, and enjoy the flavor. Add these to your morning and evening routine; they can be consumed after meals.

7 – Physical Exercise: 

Ensure adequate physical exercise throughout the day for optimal sleep quality. Your body must be exhausted; otherwise, what will it repair? You can’t stay in bed all day and expect to sleep at night!

That sounds like a peaceful plan right? There are numerous restorative methods for getting better sleep. So, try out these hacks – Face massage rollers, beauty gummies, physical activity, minimizing coffee and alcohol use, limiting screen time, and managing stress can all help you sleep better. 

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