7 Ways That How You Can Earn From Ghostwriting

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You must have seen a lot of people making good money by ghostwriting, and it seems like a piece of cake, right? All you have to do is create a public page on Facebook, set up your LinkedIn profile, and you are good to go…

You did the same thing, but all you heard was silence. LOUD. BRAIN-NUMBING SILENCE.

Even if you are a little lost and confused, all you want to become is a ghostwriter and earn yourself some $$$. You even begin to question whether it is legit or whether people can earn from ghostwriting.

Well, to shoo away all your worries, we are here to answer your queries. Ghostwriting is indeed an awesome way to earn yourself daily bread and butter. Truth be told, it is one of the easiest writing businesses to put up. 

In this blog, we have shared some inside news to earn well from ghostwriting. 

So, power on your laptop, ensure a high-speed internet connection, open a freelance writing website, and follow the steps given below to level up your writing career. 

Hold Up! What Is A Ghostwriter, Anyway?

Before we begin with the insider news to earn from ghostwriting, we think it would be wise if we go through what ghostwriting in Canada really means. Well, a ghostwriter is a person who writes catchy content under their clients’ names. These writers have to use their client’s voice, and they do not get to claim the writing as their own or even a byline. There is only one downside of being a ghostwriter, and that is that these experts cannot add their ghostwritten work to their portfolio. 

However, on the brighter side, these writers make hefty amounts. Even if they don’t get the due credit (in some cases, they might get credit, too), these professionals earn way better than corporate workers. As a matter of fact, they can easily earn six figures per month only if they know how to sell their skills. By reading below, you will be well-acquainted with these tips in no time. So, carry on!

Steps To Success: 7 Steps To Make Money As A Ghostwriter!

Step No. 1 – Build A Strong Portfolio

First and foremost, to earn from ghostwriting, you must display your exceptional writing abilities to prospective clients. You can do so by tailoring a strong portfolio that sheds light on your expertise and diverse writing style. To craft a catchy portfolio, you can write articles by yourself and publish them on your personal blog. Furthermore, you can also provide free writing services to your family or friends and use those articles as samples to showcase your writing skills. 

Step No. 2 – Specialise In A Niche

The more specific niche you choose, the easier it will be to market your writing services. For instance, if you have a background in the healthcare field, you can pay attention to writing blogs and articles related to infectious diseases and tier cures. This will not only make the entire client hunting easier, but it will also make sure that you earn well from ghostwriting. 

Step No. 3 – Network With Potential Clients

Another tip to earn from ghostwriting is none other than networking. It is a vital part of any freelance or online writing career, of course! Ghostwriting is no exception. You can seamlessly network with prospective clients by reaching out to people within your network who might be interested in your ghostwriting services, joining online writing groups, and attending writing conferences. Or you can set your profile on freelancing sites, too. 

Step No. 4 – Offer Your Services On Freelancing Sites

Freelancing platforms (i.e. Upwork, Fiver, etc.) often prove to be one of the best ways to hunt down clients and earn from ghostwriting. These platforms give these writers a chance to showcase their writing skills and connect with prospective clients. You can determine your rates and craft proposals for clients who need your writing services.

Step No. 5 – Determine Your Rates

After you have set up your profile on freelancing sites, you must set your rates, too. These rates must be based on the type of content you’ll be writing, the length of the project, your writing experience, etc. Feel free to set your rates as per market competitive prices and also make sure that you earn profits from ghostwriting. You can ask other service providers from any reputed memoir ghostwriting service within your niche to get a clear insight into what to charge your clients. 

Step No. 6 – Be Reliable And Professional 

In order to become a successful ghostwriter, it is vital to be reliable and professional. You can become both by making sure to meet the deadlines, being responsive to client feedback, providing high-quality work, and a lot more. Furthermore, you must also be open in your revisions and willing to work with clients to ensure that they are a hundred per cent satisfied with the final results. 

Step No. 7 – Protect Your Work

To earn from ghostwriting, another thing that is vital is that you must protect your work. You can do so by making sure to retain the rights to your writing and maintaining a clear understanding with your clients about who will have the authority over the final outcomes. The best way to do this is by having a contract that highlights the terms of the agreement.

  • How can I make money from ghostwriting?

As a ghostwriter, it might take you from several months to a few years to write, research, and edit work for your clients. You can charge your clients with a flat fee, either per page or a percentage from the royalties of the total sales. This is not it, but you can also charge them some combination thereof.

  • Is it legal to become a ghostwriter?

Yes, offering ghostwriting services is definitely legal as it revolves around an outsourced service. The legality of these services might change on the basis of the jurisdiction and the context. However, it remains a fact that there are no certain laws that directly address this practice as illegal. 

  • How can I get clients as a ghostwriter?

As a ghostwriter, you must think about setting up a powerful online presence on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Moreover, you can also publicise yourself by writing mind-numbing blog posts. Another great tool is none other than “word of mouth”. So, make sure to ask your satisfied clients to always recommend your services to the people they know. 

  • Who can hire a ghostwriter?

Taking the services of ghostwriters is not an uncommon practice. From politicians to celebrities, from life coaches to public speakers, from small business owners to professionals, each and every one of them seeks an expert ghostwriter. As a matter of fact, these writers are their best options to establish themselves. 

Summing It All Up!

At the end of the day, it all narrows down to fostering referrals and healthy relationships. A lot of people are all set to tell their life stories, and you could be the one to pen down their extraordinary adventures. The best part? You can also earn well from ghostwriting. 

By reading the steps given above, we are sure that you are all set to embark on a new journey to kick off your writer’s life. We assure you that you will be paid well by doing the one thing that you love the most – writing. Wouldn’t that be amazing? So, start right now, and you will be among those lucky individuals who can earn six figures from the comfort of their homes.

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