How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Beauty Services App

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In today’s technological era, humans have the natural tendency to do the least amount of work possible. And after the fast-paced internet, we can now quickly and easily access on-demand services using our smartphones. On demand delivery services are boosting day by day. And using these services most products and services, from groceries to restaurants, are expected to be delivered to customers’ front doors these days. 

The beauty industry is flourishing at a rapid pace which is fantastic news for people. A survey report on the spa and salon industry will be generating revenue of $383.88 billion by 2030. According to Forbes, 40% of professionals in the beauty industry (such as hairstylists, cosmetologists, and makeup artists) prefer to work independently. As a result, on-demand beauty salons and spa services have emerged as the latest and most popular trend in the beauty sector. On demand beauty service app development, provides features that anyone can book an appointment at their favorite place where a professional stylist of their choosing to give them a haircut, do makeup or perform any number of other grooming services.

Seeing the growth of the beauty industry entrepreneurs started investing. If you have a plan to invest in this industry by launching the on demand beauty salon app, then this guide is helpful for you. In this guide, we explain the development cost breakdowns of the salon app.

What is an On-Demand Salon app?

An on demand beauty services app is a platform that connects skilled beauticians with customers to provide the services at their preferred locations.

Instead of visiting a salon or spa, users can use these apps to schedule pedicures, hairstyles, nail trims, nail medications, and other fantastic options. Most salon businesses have started to invest in the on demand beauty salon app development to increase the number of customers who want to receive salon services in the comfort of their own homes but can’t find one that meets their needs.

Advantages of Having a Beauty Services App

Over the past few years seen remarkable growth in various industries due to strategic investments in technology. One such industry benefiting massively from on-demand services is the salon industry. Keen if you are investing in beauty service apps pays off? Discover the reasons that prove it does!

1. Easy Bookings and Appointments

Using the app you can arrange appointments effortlessly, the app extends more choices to customers for booking. Moreover, with on-the-go booking facilities, your business gains a competitive edge by decreasing customer wait times. 

2. Improve Customer Outreach

Salon businesses prioritize designing visually appealing physical spaces to attract and impress customers, highlighting the importance of having an equally captivating digital presence. It serves as the virtual storefront for salon businesses, drawing in users and encouraging them to book appointments online.

3. Boost Customer Loyalty with a Salon App

A loyalty program can do wonders for your hairstyle and salon business’ revenue growth here. The mobile app for salons and hair stylists can keep track of each customer’s spending threshold and then provide them with loyalty points. Additionally, hairstylists and salon owners can segment their customers according to their spending capacities and place them in different categories.

4. Enable Real-Time Chat

If customers have any query regarding services, booking, offers, or others, instant support helps businesses stay on the top of the users’ minds. Your beauty salon service app facilitates real-time communication through AI-based chat-bots or live support from sales agents 24/7, which makes the salon remain open round-the-clock for customers.

Cost To Develop On Demand Salon Booking App

The cost of developing an on demand beauty salon booking app is not fixed, because it depends on various factors. On-demand beauty salon app development cost starts from $5000 and may rise based on the functionality, framework, and advanced features. The overall cost is affected by different variables such as the technology stack, the location of the on-demand app development company, UI/UX design, etc.

  • Wireframe

This variable is a blueprint for the app’s coding process. Tools such as Figma, Photoshop, and others are typically needed to create a quality wireframe, which can increase the overall cost.

  • UI/UX Design

Several rounds of testing are required to ensure that the app’s design is attractive to the target audience, user-friendly, and responsive, all of which drive up the cost. 

  • App Platform

One of the most important considerations when estimating the cost of developing an on-demand beauty app is the platform. Depending on whether you choose Android or iOS, there may be a slight price difference. 

  • Team Size

The app development team is one of the vital variables that contribute to the overall cost of a mobile app for a beauty business.  While hiring a freelancer is more cost-effective compared to engaging a full-fledged team of project leaders, programmers, and designers, a mobile app development company might increase your total app cost. 

  • Maintenance

It’s one other important variable that adds to the cost of on-demand beauty apps. Maintenance expenses can arise if you need to update the app or modify it to meet changing regulations or industry standards. 

Final Words

In conclusion, the investment required for developing a beauty services app is significant but justified by the potential to attract and retain customers in the rapidly growing beauty industry. Thorough market research, careful planning, and choosing the right development partners are essential steps to ensure your app not only meets but exceeds user expectations, ultimately leading to a successful venture.

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