Top 8 Web Series Of All Time That You Can Watch On Netflix

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Top 8 Web Series Available On Netflix For You

Netflix is an American OTT (over-the-top) platform launched on 16 January 2007. Since then, Netflix has made a big name with movies, animes, and web series among people. This OTT platform has 273.34 million subscribers, and many of them use it to watch web series. 


Do you also like to watch web series? If yes, How about checking some Netflix web series? In this blog, we are sharing the top 8 web series available on Netflix. So, stay connected and find an enjoyable option for you. 

  1. Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy television series that you can watch on Netflix. 

Created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, this web series is a perfect mixture of drama, love, action, and betrayal. The reason why it gained so much popularity is the acting of featured stars and the story of this series. Check the index of Game of Thrones to find out the actors engaged with this series. Watch the series, and you will definitely become a fan of it. 

  1. Our Planet

If you love nature and prefer to watch wildlife documentaries, check out Our Planet. It’s a ground-breaking collaboration between WWF, Netflix, and Silverback Flims. The series comprises 8 episodes and features surprising species and their habitats. This series depicts the biodiversity of our planet like never before.

  1. The Last Dance

The Last Dance is an American sports documentary and your next option. Co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix, this series won 72 Primetime Emmy Awards and earned lots of love from the audience. The series revolves around Michael Jordan’s career, specifically focusing on the 1997-1998 era. 

  1. When They See Us

When They See Us is a true story-based web series that features 5 teenagers accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Divided into four parts, it’s one of the most popular web series on Netflix. The first part of When They See Us was watched by over 23 million users. You also must watch this series in your free time. 

  1. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is a crime-centered drama showing 1990s England. A gangster family saga, it won hearts. Created by Steven Knight and set in Birmingham, this series comprises 6 seasons, each with exceptional plot twists. If you like watching gangster movies, try Peaky Blinders, and you will become a fan of it.

  1. Narcos

Narcos is a realistic drama that depicts how the cocaine trade began in Colombia. With detailed storytelling and plot, this series attracted numerous people. According to Parrot Analytics, US people watched Narcos 14.8 times more than other TV series. The complete series comprises 3 seasons and will definitely give you a reason to watch it again.

  1. Stranger Things 

Created by Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things is a drama, fantasy, and horror series. It depicts a story where a young boy vanishes mysteriously in Hawkins. This series has 4 seasons, and the 5th season will come at the end of 2024. People who love horror fantasy series can choose this option and have an enjoyable time. 

  1. Black Mirror

Last but not least, Black Mirror is a drama, sci-fi, and mystery series created by Charlie Brooker. The series depicts the dark side of human behaviour and how humans interact with the real world and modern life. It contains 6 seasons, and each episode has its own story so that you can watch any one first.

Summing Up

It contains popular movies, animes, and web series for content lovers. People who want to watch web series on Netflix can find Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Our Planet, Stranger Things, Narcos, and other options. We hope this blog delivered the best choices of web series to you. If you find this blog helpful, comment below and share it with us. Also, tell us which web series is your favourite. 


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