7 Effective Stress Management Practices For Students

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Students from ages 13 to 17 experience symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, acute pains, despair, and amnesia. This also affects their mental wellbeing. However, what is causing all this? Academic pressure? Financial concerns? Or maybe personal issues? 

Whatever the reason is. Stress is a monster. It is feeding on the adolescence of these young darlings and we cannot let this continue. Thus, we are here with the seven effective stress-managing practices, that students need to fight this demon. 

Handling Academic Stress In Seven Effective Techniques

Considering stress management as a battle, you do not just jump into the combat zone unequipped. You need to prepare and have some weapons along to win, right? Therefore, we kid you not, continue reading and by the end of this article, you will find your superpowers. 

  • Sit Back And Relax

You are on a big mission. To ace it you need peace of mind and we know that you love listening to music. So, do not hesitate and relax first. Let the rhythms stimulate and calm your mind. Even if you have a pending assignment, get help from the academic writing in Ireland website and just relax for now. 

Some researchers suggest that upbeat music aids with the ability to memorize and process quickly. Furthermore, music has a soothing element in its pattern that removes the strain replacing it with happy hormones – Dopamine. 

  • Plot A Strategy 

Once you have a clear mind, it gets easier to think and plot. Your next step is to cope with the time and events. Make a list of your tasks. Put minor ones at the top and lengthy jobs at the bottom. 

Then allocate time to each task based on their significance and your speed. Great, you have just learnt another technique of stress management – organisation. However, you missed one thing. Pauses. Add little breaks to your schedule. 

  • Build A Strong Squad

The third technique is to gather for yourself an emotional and practical support group. This set of people should help you acknowledge and deal with the stress. Hence, choose with great care.

You will be socializing with these people and sharing your feelings too. As a result, you feel lighter and the load is distributed among all members. What a relief. Moreover, your squad will become your go-to place for any problem so this is indeed a crucial solution for anxiety.  

  • Practise Your Moves

After that, it is time to learn some combat skills. Your best move is brisk walking because a daily 30-minute walk can reduce stress levels by a whopping 33%. It elevates your mood and regulates the blood flow to the brain. 

In addition, you can also go for different full-body exercises. Practices like stretches and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). They are the on-to-go tricks to remove tension from your nerves. Also, this technique comes in handy everywhere, even in the exam hall.

  • Recharge Your Batteries

Even the robots need charging and you… you are a living human! What makes you think, you do not need rest? Of course, you do. Ditch that incomplete work by benefitting from assignment help in Ireland and just get some quality sleep.  

Skip the coffee before bedtime and listen to the calming sounds of nature. For example chirping of the birds and maybe ocean waves. Your brain needs a composed sleep of 8 hours. Additionally, some power naps can also be adjusted in your schedule. 

  • Fuel Up Your Tanks

There are times when you are following the proper sleep cycle and you still cannot focus your thoughts. It is because your body does not have enough energy. You might not know it but stress can cause an increase and decrease in appetite. 

Hence, you should always keep track of what and when are you eating.  Your diet must be rich in nutrients and consist of healthy fats. Moreover, carry your water bottle and some snacks at all times to fuel up your energy tanks.

  • Take Some Deep Breaths

Finally but importantly, the most effective stress management practices are yoga and meditation. These breathing exercises help you in ways you cannot comprehend.

Whenever you are stressed out, your breathing is also affected. Your body reacts to the pressure in different ways like panic attacks and acute stomach aches. All of these problems have one quick solution. Start taking deep calming breaths. Consequently, your nervous system and blood pressure also start to regulate.

  • How can teachers help in handling the pressure?

Teachers can begin by educating students on identifying their symptoms. Embracing is the key. Next, they should hold emotional first-aid sessions and encourage students to open up about their experiences. 

  • What are quick tips for dealing with stress on a busy day?

If you are in a panic mode, the best way out is deep breaths. Moreover, along with that look around and try to divert your attention. Think of the beautiful memories and views you have experienced. This will surely snap you out of the zone. 

  • Can these techniques replace therapy?

A set of these handy techniques can be favourable for the time being but is not an alternative to therapy. Therapy is a qualified procedure and essential for patients with chronic depression. 

  • What are the four A’s of stress?

They go like avoid, alter, adapt or accept. It means that you can follow any one of these four responses. You either dodge the thoughts or accept them to deal with stress. Moreover, you can even adjust to your situations as an escape.


Finally, Attack!

So far, you have learnt all the skills that are required to combat the Stress Monster so now you are ready to attack. Get hold of all the tips given above. You can easily follow them and make them a part of your daily routine. In this way, the pressure will not pile up and haunt you. 

Hence, the best way is to embrace the negative thoughts and tell yourself that the grass is greener on the other side. Moreover, teach yourself patience so that the journey becomes smoother. We know you are brave our friends and you can do this. We wish you all the best as you go aboard on the journey of courage! 


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