How Using Plantable Christmas Cards in Australia will be a Blessing

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There’s a new way to send Christmas greetings to loved ones. Plantable Christmas cards in Australia, which have been available for a while, have begun to appear all over the eco-friendly product market. Plantable things, which range from coffee cups to greeting cards, are an excellent way to win the hearts of environment lovers by minimizing carbon footprint. 

Boon of Using Plantable Xmas Cards in 2022

Plantable Xmas is beneficial to both people and the environment. Socially, seed-embedded products can help to beautify neighbourhoods by providing green space & happiness-inducing flowers (or healthful vegetables) almost anywhere. Plantable paper cards are an innovative approach to decreasing waste and repurposing outdated products, and they can also change people’s minds about trash.

They can also inspire people to go more to home gardens, which are highly important for bees and other species, while also being better for the soil than perfectly maintained lawns. Seed paper is typically manufactured from recycled materials and dyed with natural plant colours. This paper is biodegradable and waste-free when used for its intended purpose.

This is an overview of using Australian Christmas cards that are eco-friendly. Let’s read in-depth about how these cards can be a blessing to us and the environment. 

Saves Energy

The press does not need to be set up more than once; printing eco-friendly greeting cards each run saves energy. There will be no wastage of paper as a result of the completed run. Printing big volumes of eco-friendly greeting cards has the extra benefit of being less expensive per unit, allowing you to print more greeting cards for less money.

Designed with Soy Ink 

By allowing traditional inks to evaporate during drying, you may save the environment from numerous harmful pollutants that are emitted by traditional inks when you create your eco-friendly greeting cards with soy inks. Soy inks are not only less odour-prone, but they also spread out further, requiring less ink to get the same outcome. Soy inks also generate brighter colours, so greeting cards designed with them will have rich, vibrant hues that will attract attention.

Made with Recycled Paper 

Using recycled greeting cards produces a similar look to standard greeting card paper while reducing the amount of wood pulp used. It’s because recycled greeting card paper is combined with recycled paper. You can look for personalised cards in Australia that are eco-friendly. Hence, give your greeting card a professional look while still being environmentally friendly.

Last Thoughts 

Every year, it is believed that a billion Xmas greeting cards are sent. But what happens once the event is passed? Of course, cards that match the requirements can be recycled; however, many cards are not recyclable or biodegradable. Cards with a mix of paper and non-recyclable components like ribbon and glitter are frequently thrown away. Even if the cards do decay, the ink sometimes contains hazardous chemicals, which leak into the earth as the cards try to degrade; this is not good for our beautiful planet.

The seed card is made of 100% biodegradable, recycled material with a variety of wildflower seeds inserted in the fibres. The recipient can plant the card once it has served its purpose and watch it bloom into gorgeous wildflowers!

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