An Outdoor Plant You Can Grow and Care For: Giant Bird of Paradise

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Is your backyard or front yard have vacant space? Ever thought about planting an outdoor plant that is both decorative and functional? If not earlier, then it’s time to consider now! The giant bird of paradise is a great choice to start, as when its flower blossoms ( orange and blue petals) resemble the wings of tropical birds in flight; serves as the great showstopper in your yard. Plus, the leaves of the plants are large enough to provide shed from direct hot sunlight.

In this post, we’ll discuss plant growing and caring tips so that you must have all the essential information regarding the particular plant type before purchase. You can easily place an order for a plant online!

Growing Tips: Factors to Consider

A giant bird of paradise is easy to grow as long as it gets enough warmth, water, and a humid atmosphere.

  • Temperature and Humidity

Most Sterlitzia is grown where the temperature won’t dip below 50-54 °F or 10-20 °C. That’s why these plants are not cold-tolerant i.e, don’t withstand cold conditions. Ideal for the location where the daytime temperature remains between 70-90 °F or 21-32ºC and nighttime temperature between 65-55°F 0r 13-18°C.

Prefer a humid atmosphere therefore rarely perform well, if the atmosphere is too dry then water frequently. 

  • Light Source

Bird of paradise performs well in full sunlight to partial shade in the garden. In the hotter areas, where the temperature temperatures rise above 70 ºF or 21 ºC, provide some afternoon shielding to save the flowers and leaves of the young plants from burning.

  • Soil and Drainage 

Bird of Paradise works great in fertile, light, free-draining. Therefore in case, grown in a large outside container, use any good potting container to ensure the holes are drained well so excess water can drain away easily.

Care Tips: Points to Follow

  • Plant Water and Moisture 

To keep your Bird of Paradise healthy, water it regularly in the spring and summer months and keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. During fall and winter, wait until the soil has almost dried out before watering again.

  • Fertilizer 

During the growing season, it’s beneficial to fertilize your plant regularly. If it’s grown outside, you can add fertilizer or compost every three months.

  • Pruning

While pruning is not essential for the Bird of Paradise, you should remove any old or damaged leaves in the spring by cutting them down to the base with sharp secateurs.

  • Propagating 

There are two ways to propagate Strelitzia: by seed or division. The division is easier and faster than growing from seeds.

Propagation by division

In late winter or early spring, you can divide mature plants that are at least three years old. Alternatively, remove rooted suckers and offsets.

Propagation from seed

  • To propagate by seed, first, remove the orange tufts from the seed and put them in a plastic bag with fresh compost, keeping them in the fridge for two weeks.
  • Soak the seeds in room-temperature water for a few hours before planting, and nick the seed coat with a knife or sandpaper to help with germination. 
  • Plant the seeds in a well-draining potting mix, keeping them moist but not soggy. It should take 4-8 weeks for the seeds to germinate.
  • Once the seedlings have produced two to three leaves, transplant them to a 6-inch pot with a free-draining potting medium. Note that it may take up to 10 years for the plant to flower.
  • Potting and Repotting 

Bird of Paradise plants typically blooms more when slightly pot-bound. Therefore, when the roots appear at the top of the compost every two years or so, repot the plant into a slightly larger container in early spring. Be careful not to damage the fleshy roots. In the meantime, replace the top layer of compost with fresh potting media every spring.

Bottom Line

These above-mentioned are some of the essential information related to the plant “giant bird of paradise”. Once you know everything about how to grow and care for the particular plant type, you are willing to purchase. Your next step must to be place an order from plant online and enjoy gardening!

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