7 Best Podcasts For IT And Tech Professionals

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Do you enjoy podcasts and tune in to an informative one every now and then? Well, you are not alone. These days, we see a lot of people commuting and spending long hours in traffic going to work and coming back is a time-sink. A lot of people utilize this time effectively by turning on podcasts. 

As an IT expert, staying up-to-date on trends that keep your skills relevant and fresh is necessary. Books and conferences have become an old way of doing this. Podcasts are gaining increased popularity and are playing a vital role in sharpening people’s knowledge. 

But if we talk about technical industries, there are a lot of different podcasts. There are multiple fields of interest, and it becomes challenging to decide which one is worth listening to. The best way to find which podcast is best is to ask people who have good knowledge in this domain. 

Informative And Resourceful IT Podcasts

Below, we have listed some amazing IT podcasts that will not only help you learn but also keep you entertained. Let’s have a look at the list of these podcasts. 

  • AI Today Podcast 

As the world is evolving rapidly, we are witnessing an emerging change in the field of artificial intelligence. The professionals and experts in this field must keep learning new technology to stay in this race. They need to understand AI best practices, use cases, and trends. This will help the AI professional formulate an excellent strategy and execute it for their company’s growth. AI Today’s podcast covers many topics that are effective and professional for AI experts. 

Additionally, if you belong to an IT sector and desire to upgrade, you can seek new career opportunities by applying to top-notch companies. In this regard, you need to create a strong resume. If you can craft it on your own, that’s great, but if you think you lack those skills, then hiring an IT CV writing service can help you secure a job for sure. 

  • Software Developer Journey 

Here’s another recommendation. This podcast is highly preferred by many Developers. The podcast is great for anyone looking to start a career in development. The Vodcast brings highly thoughtful questions and approaches to listeners. 

Developers need to learn new technology almost every day. They need to update their knowledge from time to time to stay in this highly evolving technology race. This podcast is a great opportunity to learn about the latest and trending innovations. 

  • The CyberWire 

So, our next suggestion is CyberWire. It is an ideal resource to keep you updated about cybersecurity threats and problems.  The podcast shares great knowledge about ongoing best practices for protecting data, case studies, and techniques to secure networks and protect data. If you work in a cyber security department of any organization this podcast is going to help you with the latest technology changes. 

  • Naval 

This is the best one. A famous entrepreneur, Naval Ravikant, hosts this podcast by his name. He discusses how the world is evolving and helps others to learn about this change. Naval mainly focuses on philosophy, and he discusses it efficiently. The philosophy we think about is mostly impractical, but this podcast will change the person’s view of the world. Each episode consists of three to five minutes. In a very short time, an informative session is completed. 

  • How I Built This 

How I Built This is hosted by Guy Raz. It is a great podcast. An interview with a successful IT company entrepreneur is conducted in this podcast. Every episode brings a new entrepreneur, and they explain deeply how they created the company, and what were the challenges they had and still face. The podcast has featured big companies now like Evite, Dell, Shopify, Headspace, and many others. 

  • IoT Product Leadership 

IoT Product Leadership is an informative podcast conducted by Daniel Elizalde. He not only highlights the issues specifically related to IoT hardware but also gives insight into the failures and successes of multiple IoT initiatives and projects that make us decide better ourselves when we come across the same situations. 

  • IRL

While there are so many great technology-related podcasts none are as good as IRL. This comes from Firefox, and they try to highlight the topics that are related to emerging technologies and privacy. The episode is 30 minutes longer, keeps the audience engaged, and the topics are relevant for everyday people. You can listen to this podcast to maximize your knowledge of technology. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there enough podcasts for IT? 

There are hundreds of podcasts with more than 400 episodes of interviews with different IT experts sharing their experience and knowledge. This podcast helps the IT professional to keep upcoming and trending technology in mind. 

  • Are podcasts good for your brain? 

Studies prove that listening to podcasts energizes an important part of the brain. Finally, they assist in maximizing the level of understanding, boosting compassion, and fostering relationships.

  • Do podcasts assist you in studying?

Podcasts are not just a leisure activity to keep you entertained; they help you increase your knowledge and retain information. Additionally, you can learn things in a few minutes just by listening to it. 

  • Do podcasts help in focusing? 

Listening to podcasts while doing your other work, like ironing, washing, and laundry. This will let you to multi-task. You will not only just listen to the podcast but will also focus on completing your task. 

Let Us Conclude

Nowadays, people show great interest in listening to podcasts. It saves you time and provides you with the best knowledge. At the same time, listening to podcasts will help you focus. We hope we have shared an ideal list for you that will set you on the right path of technology. 

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