Top 5 Exquisite Restaurants to Try in Kolkata

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Kolkata, the City of Joy, is not just a hub of rich history and culture. It also serves as a blissful wonderland for the gastronomes out there!

From the iconic street-side Phuchka and Papri Chats to, the elite five-star restaurants in Kolkata, the city offers diverse flavours to suit every palate.

If you’re here in the city, and looking for the exquisite fine diners around, this blog can help you recommend the top 5 best places for lunch in Kolkata for an extraordinary experience.

So, let’s buckle up and roll!

Top 5 Fine Diners To Try In Kolkata

  • Baan Thai: The Oberoi Grand

Are you someone who enjoys Thai cuisine more than anything else? Well, The Baan Thai restaurant, situated within the premises of the prestigious Oberoi Grand Hotel Kolkata, presents you with the authentic flavours of Thailand.

The ambience is something that sets you in the mood the moment you enter through the gates. A life-sized Buddha statue at the entry point and the sophisticated wooden decor add to the authenticity of your dining experience here.

However, the best thing about Bann Thai is the extra mile that they go to retain the authenticity of their culinary delights. They source their ingredients directly from Thailand, thereby ensuring the taste of authenticity in the stir-fried noodles or the delectable curries!

  • The Zen: The Park Hotel

If you’re in love with Oriental cuisine, there’s no one better than The Zen who can bring the authentic flavours of East Asia to your table.  Featuring a minimalistic decor that coincides well with the Asian theme, The Zen by The Park Hotels Kolkata is an open-kitchen-themed restaurant delivering authentic Pan Asian Cuisine to your palate.

Deemed as one of the best fine dining couple-friendly restaurants in Kolkata, find the best of Japan’s culinary traditions from sushi, tempura, sashimi, live teppanyaki counter, etc., to delectable Thai and Chinese delicacies served hot and fresh.

Added to that, you can also book the Teppanyaki Seating or opt for the 8-seater private dining experience to spend a quality time with your loved ones! Zen stands out as one of the best couple-friendly restaurants in Kolkata, offering a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for both families and romantic outings.

Just remember that The Zen remains closed on Mondays, and only accepts lunch reservations on Weekends!


  • JW Kitchen: JW Marriott

The JW Kitchen is another fine dining option that you can opt for in the City of Joy. The long-glass sided wall offers a vibrant cityscape, and glittery interiors reflect quite a romantic vibe, thereby making JW Kitchen one of the best family friendly restaurants in Kolkata to enjoy a lunch or dinner date.

A perfect haven for the food aficionados, this restaurant has an exquisite buffet and a la carte menu selection that caters to diverse cultures and traditions.

An all-day dining restaurant, find a wide range of Indian, and International cuisines, served with utmost perfection! It’s more than just a place to enjoy meals for gastronomes, it’s the ultimate destination for an unparalleled fine-dining experience!

  • Peshwari: ITC Royal Bengal

Have a soft corner for North Indian dishes? The Peshwari restaurant located within the turfs of the opulent ITC Royal Bengal Group is a must-visit diner that will transport you directly to the Northwest frontiers of India!

Walk into an ambience that reminds you of the splendour of Mughal grandeur! That, along with the juicy and succulent kebabs, and the aroma of perfectly cooked biryanis is sure to deliver you with a grand royal dining experience.

  • La Cucina: Hyatt Regency

In the mood to try continental cuisines? La Cucina has been deemed one of the finest Italian restaurants in town. Prevailing in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency, experience the charm of Italy in this grand open-kitchen-style diner.

La Cucina showcases a selection of fresh and premium ingredients and excels in bringing the authentic taste of Italy to your platter! From fresh seafood dishes to wood-fired pizzas, and various kinds of pastas, the open kitchen lets you take a peek at the finest chefs who work hard to be the harbingers of these delicacies.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to food and delicacies, Kolkata definitely comes under the top 10 category of metro cities in India for featuring such a diverse culinary culture.

And with the presence of several deluxe hotels, the City of Joy serves as a great place to experience an unforgettable fine dining experience at some of the best buffet restaurants in Kolkata.

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