Effective Ways to Reduce the Risk of Joint Pain and Arthritis

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Joint pain in any part of the body may sabotage your regular activity by causing stiffness, swelling, pain and difficulty in movement. It is a common problem affecting all age groups depending on the genetic background, type of diet, illness, and external or internal injury. Joint pain can last for a short period from 24 hours to a week or month and sometimes it can turn into a chronic issue. Further, it is the cartilage that causes movement of the body. You may suffer from cartilage loss arising due to deficiency of calcium and vitamin D and increasing age. Or else you may experience inflammatory pain and discomfort as the fluid builds up in the joints.

You may prefer a hospital visit. Let’s also find how home remedies for arthritis and joint pain have been proven effective and long-lasting.

1. Ginger

Ginger is known to possess several medicinal properties and so it has been used in Chinese medicines and Indian ayurvedic medicines for several centuries for treating stomach disorders and pain in any joint. You can drink ginger tea or add ginger in grated forms to your food while cooking or simply mix it with salads for consumption. You will feel relieved from stiffness and pain in the joints.  It will be the effects of Gingerols and other bioactive compounds of Ginger that will aid in altering painful joints. Furthermore, opting for dry ginger over fresh one will be more suitable for keeping joint pain under control. It will nourish the bones and joints with nutrients and contribute to managing different health problems.

2. Epsom Salt

It is a blend of magnesium and sulfate in Epsom salt which aids in the relaxation of muscles and relieves pain in the joints. Applying an Epsom salt bath to the affected inflammatory, painful and stiff joints will aid you in experiencing relaxation. Though it may be temporary, you will find yourself in better condition. You will feel less stressed and it is easy to flex those painful joints and muscles. You will not experience any side effects. But it would be better to follow the instructions and precautions for using Epsom salt for bathing.

3. Pain Relief Oil

You can use Dhurandhar Ortho Veda pain relief oil to keep your swelling, pain and inflammatory joints under control. Its ayurvedic blend of Nilgiri oil, Wintergreen oil, Sonth oil and Kapoor oil will soothe the joints, enhance the synovial fluid and stimulate the regrowth of cartilage and enhance flexibility in joints. It is an effective Ayurvedic Medicine for Joint Pain. There will be no side effects. 

4. Fish Oil

Intake of different fish in your regular diet which may be sardines, salmon, mackerel or even fish supplements will aid in managing your joint pain symptoms. It is due to the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D that will nourish your ailing joints. You will slowly and steadily recover from the swelling, burning sensation and any form of unmanageable discomforting conditions of joints.. Overall, the entire fish including the brain, cartilage and bones will make your muscles, bones and cartilage stronger and more flexible. Eating it regularly will be effective for perimenopausal or menopausal women who lose calcium through the menstrual cycle and ovulation periods.

5. Exercise and Physical Activity

Rather than going for high-impact exercises which may further add to your pain and sprain in your joints, you must try low-impact exercises or gentler movements like walking, climbing the stairs, light gardening and water aerobics. It is recommended that you do not try all the exercises in one day or do anything hurriedly. You can take your time to experience the improvement by starting at your own pace. There is no need to run a marathon or swim for several miles.;

6. Vitamin E and Boswellia

Oral intake of Vitamin E and Boswellia supplements will perform the roles of pain relievers for your swollen muscles and joint pain. Vitamin E will calm down the inflammation and desensitize the pain in the swollen and stiff joints.Boswellia, a native herb of Africa, the Middle East and Asia will strengthen the immune system and stimulate the regeneration of cartilage. It will aid in causing flexibility in the joints and bones.

7. Turmeric 

Turmeric is an organic herb whose essence cannot be ignored in our regular lives in the form of spice or as one of the effective home remedies for arthritis and  joint pain. It is quite powerful enough to remove the toxins and infections from the body. And therefore, it is used as a spice in every Indian recipe. It serves as a natural pain reliever. Curcumin is found in turmeric which works like a wonder drug in managing inflammatory joint diseases and arthritis under control. 

Consuming turmeric with milk and jaggery will help eliminate arthritic or osteoporotic pain in any joint of the body and make the bones tougher.

8. Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat and cold therapy are always advised by the experts for attending to inflammatory and painful joints. Soaking the towel in the hot water, squeezing and then applying it to the affected joints will stabilize the painful and inflammatory conditions. You can also apply a hot water bag on the painful and stiff joints for a certain period. It will stimulate the circulation of blood and nourish the joints with nutrients. You will get better results. 

Similarly, you can apply ice packs to sore joints.  It will calm down the painful nerves surrounding the joints and help you gain relaxation.


Joint pain, which affects people of all ages, is caused by cartilage loss as a result of calcium and vitamin D insufficiency, as well as inflammatory pain and discomfort. Home treatments include turmeric, ginger, Epsom salt, fish oil, heat and cold therapy, Vitamin E and Boswellia pills, and Dhurandhar Ortho Veda pain relief oil. Turmeric eliminates toxins and infections, gingerols support bones and joints, Epsom salt promotes muscular relaxation, and fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. Low-impact exercise and mild physical activity can help with joint pain.

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