Google Pixel Watch Review: What You Need to Know

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In their annual event, Google announced a new smartwatch called the Pixel Watch. The watch will have a custom OS and it will be supported by Android Wear 2.0.

The Basics of the Google Pixel Watch

Google has been working on a new smartwatch for a few years now. The first version of the watch was released in 2015 and it was called the Google Watch. It was not very successful because it did not have many features and it did not get many good reviews.

A year later, Google released another version of the watch that they called the Pixel Watch. This time, they made sure to include more features and better technology so that people would want to buy it. The Pixel Watch is available in two sizes: small and large. It is also available in three different colors: light pink, dark gray, and black with silver accents.

The Wear OS App and Features of the Google Pixel Watch

The Wear OS App is the official app for Android Wear watches. It is a companion app to the Google Pixel Watch, which will be released in 4Q 2018.

The Wear OS App features include:

Notifications: Get notifications from your phone on your watch and control what you see on your watch and when you see it.

Voice Assistant: Use “OK Google” to help find answers, manage tasks, get directions, and more.

Find Your Phone: Locate your phone from your watch by making it ring or sending an alert to it.

Activity Tracking: Measure how many steps you take each day and track other activities like cycling or running with just a tap on the screen.

Customizable Watch Face: Change the way your watch face looks with a variety of designs new watch faces from the Play Store.

Battery Saver: Extend your battery life by limiting screen brightness, pausing notifications, and more.

Find My Phone: Locate your phone by ringing it or sending an alert to it.

Pricing and Availability of the Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch is a relatively new product in the market. It is a smartwatch that runs on Android Wear 2.0 and powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor. This watch has many features such as fitness tracking, messaging, and voice commands. Google Pixel Watch also has a heart rate sensor and GPS for fitness tracking.

The price of this watch ranges from $275 to $400 depending on the model you choose (Sport, Style, or Leather). The Sport model starts at $275 while the Leather model starts at $400.

The Google Pixel Watch is available in stores such as Best Buy and Verizon Wireless Stores or you can purchase it online from Amazon or Google Store.

How Does The Pixel Watch Compare To Other Smartwatches in 2018?

The Pixel Watch is the newest Android Wear device to be released in the market. It is a lot more expensive than most of the other smartwatches out there. It does have a lot of features that you would expect from an Android Wear device.

This section will explore how the Pixel Watch compares to other smartwatches on the market in 2018.

The first thing that we notice about this watch is that it has a square face, which sets it apart from most other smartwatches on the market today.

The only other watch with this kind of design is the Moto 360, which was released back in 2014 and has not been updated since then.


The Pixel Watch is a great new product from Google. The watch is sleek and modern, with many features that make it worth the price.

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