How AI and Superior Technology is Redefining the Debt Collection Industry

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In the last year, if the world has learned anything new, then it is the truth that embracing new technology and artificial intelligence is the only way to survive, especially when movements are restricted due to a pandemic. For starters, the job of business debt collection in Houston, Tx has been a manually driven task where people were responsible for managing accounts, making calls in high volume, sending emails and working with the debtors on the right settlement plans. But since the last year, technology has started redefining this industry for the better. 

Technology and Debt Collection Service

Those days are long gone where to offer the most efficiency and accuracy in the job, you needed manual labor. Right now, we are living in the age of AI and that is why having this technology at your disposal can change things for you positively. This is the reason why debt collection service is integrating with technology. It offers enhanced security, accuracy and efficiency in work while ensuring improved experience for the clients. That is why Nelson, Cooper & Ortiz LLC and many other reputed agencies are using AI and technology for their benefit. 

If you are wondering how the technology can give you, as the creditor, a better output from the agency, then you need to take a look at the following points.

  • AI-Driven Customer Engagement

No matter if it is a first-time debtor or one who has a problem with payment for a long time, it is important for you, and your business, to ensure better connection and communication. This is where AI comes into the picture. When you are hiring an agency for business debt collection, if they use AI, they can create a pattern from the studied behavior of the debtor, approach the debtor better with their preferences in hand and ensure faster recovery of the money.

  • Ring Free Voice Mail

When you are planning to reach your debtor, your time-span of call is limited and dependent on the convenience of the debtor. Also, if your messages interrupt their day, they might ask you to stop and you have to comply with that. That is why the best commercial collection agency in Houston will use the technology of ring-free voice mail. This way, the debtor will get the voice mail as a reminder, without a ring, which they can listen to at their convenience. 

  • Virtual Agent

This is a new and more advanced way of connecting debtors. Often the debtor needs a nudge or a reminder for making the payment. If the agency needs to do that with a collector, the time taken will not be utilized for the business. Also, often debtor feels embarrassed while talking about the debt with a real collector. And that is where a virtual agent comes into the picture. These agents can be animated characters that will be visible in the email and will remind the debtor about the payment date, the next date of payment and a suitable payment plan. This will make the mail stand out too. 

  • Skip Tracing

When your debtor skips town, it can be difficult to locate them and get the money back. And that is why the Skip Tracing technology never gets old. When the agency is using skip tracing facility, they will have access to public records which will help them located the debtor, connect with them at the right and current address, and get the money back for you. This is surely more advanced now with the introduction of AI and automated systems which allows the debt collection agency to get more time for more complicated cases like this. 

So, now as you know how AI and superior technology is helping in shaping the debt industry, hire an agency to get fully benefited. 


Are you planning to hire a business debt collection agency that will help you get the debt back? Read the blog to know how AI and technology are helping in improving the collection process. 

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